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Overseas Promotion Specialist


Posted date: 2018-Aug-17

Location: US

1. Using search techniques to carry out data analysis of localized markets and list our peers for related products (online and offline).


2. Conducting moderate “relevance” publicity in the early stage via social network (like Facebook, etc.).


3. Publicizing the core products in the form of advertorial like News, Blog, Forum, Reviews, etc., and contributing to third-party media according to specific contents.


4. Demonstrating the mobile business model, using latest cases for simulation, and conducting the “direct service” mode of technology+product+local.


5. Paying attention to hot news, forming effective grafting and “making self hotspots” for promotion and publicity according to related products, peers, breaking news and other situations!


6. Promoting “Patented Product”, “Custom Made”, “Multifunctional Product” and other concepts emphatically, putting the commodity characteristics of science and technology, artistry and patent into practice deeply, making uniqueness and extraordinary become the stigma!


7. Helping company to carry out localized recruitment, training, management and other tasks.


8. Conducting regular home visits to local wholesalers, agents, distributors and retailers, and conveying company’s specific requirements and other things timely.


9. Helping company excavate more excellent overseas students, such as talents in computer, artificial intelligence, mathematics, physics, chemistry, marketing, legal and other aspects!


10. Must have the basic fair, just, transparent, responsible, dedicated attitudes; agree with the company value “Take it from the world and use it in the world”, and be true to yourself, start well and end well for realizing the standard, valuable, ecological CWMALLS.


If there are other things, please discuss separately. Welcome all of you to take an active part!


Specific requirements: overseas students at school.

Treatment standard: vary with each individual, talk out.


We are expecting your participation; CWMALLS will be more wonderful with you; profession makes outstanding, sharing is all in CWMALLS!

Job Title Overseas Promotion Specialist
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